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About us medical center Korona

Dear ladies and gentlemens!

We welcome you on the personal site of the medical center «Korona «. Our center has been working since 2004 and takes leading positions in the professional treatment of hair and scalp. We will provide the highest level of service for you. Methods and techniques which are used by our specialists will stop hair loss and save you from baldness. We are able to find radical deliverance from dandruff and skin itching, a restoration of hair structure and a full range of procedures for their recovery. Your hair will again look thick and shiny.

In our center we use multidimensional methods and personal approaches to solve the problem of hair loss.

First you’ll get an opinion of a specialist.  The specialist will make a microanalysis of hair. For this test hair will be taken from different zones. Such examination will help to estimate the condition of hair shaft and rootage of hair. The computer diagnostics and last development works in the field of similar researches allow us to diagnose the degree and the nature of problem with a high accuracy.

This gives us possibility to assign a course of medical rehabilitation, taking into consideration all nuances and details of put by problem. If you’re disturbed by hair loss, or dandruff, greasy hair (hypersecretion of sebaceous glands) or overdried hair then our specialists will help you to solve this problem. If your hair is healthy, you don’t overdo with hair-dye and don’t traumatize your hair with chemical wave, if you don’t need to worry about hair loss or dandruff then our expert beauticians will tell you how to avoid these and many other unpleasant conditions in the future.

There are two dental rooms of first class in our center. They are equipped with the latest dental specialities. New equipment, computer X-ray photography, radioviziograf and dental products of fifth and sixth generation all of these guarantee the high level of diagnostics and treatment. Our orthodontists, orthopaedists and dental therapeutists have high qualification and true professional talent.

Cosmetology of Medical Center «Korona» offers the latest methods of rejuvenation, correction and restoration of facial contours and body, including machine and surgical procedures.